Who Am I?

I am an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science with a minor in Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. I love creating actionable insights from data and am always excited to learn something new.

Some of my Current Interests

Machine Learning:

I love tinkering with deep learning and neural networks and am learning about transformers and their applications.

Data Analytics:

I love processing and analyzing data of any sort I can get my hands on, in Pandas and SQL.

Computer Science Education:

I am currently tutoring and doing reasearch in computer science education because I find it fascinating to try to better how others learn computer and data science.


Predicting NYPD Complaint Response Times

Trained a linear regression model that accurately predicts the NYPD's bias.

Good Morning SQL

A choose your own adventure teaching SQL with an original schema and query problems.

Quantifying the Wage Gap at Educational Benchmarks

Determined that the wage gap is positively correlated with education level using linear regression and a Mann-Whitney U Test.

Oscar to Grammy

Recommender system integrating iMBD API and Spotify API.


Basic Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design

Textbook for UCSD CSE 12 Data Structures Course


Data Science Department Tutor @ UCSD HDSI

December 2021 - Present

Creating homework assignments, holding weekly office hours, grading and proctoring exams, and efficiently managing large queues

Classes Taught:
DSC 10 (2x): Principles of Data Science
(Python, Pandas, Data Visualization, Statistics) (500+ students)
CSE 12: Data Structures and Object Oriented Design
(80+ students)
DSC 30: Algorithms and Data Structures
(300+ students)

Machine Learning Cluster Assistant @ UCSD COSMOS

May 2022 - August 2022

Advised and assisted 20 high school students' personal projects in Neural Networks, Sentiment Analysis, Clustering, Image Classification, Recommender Systems, and Natural Language Processing
Developed a lab to build a Logistic Regression model from scratch

Computer Science Education Researcher @ UCSD

September 2021 - Present

Performing Open Coding to measure the impact of live, incremental instruction on performance
Fitting linear regression models in python, visualizing in Tableau
Verifying, cleaning, and analyzing data from 300+ students’ coding submissions and verbal responses.

Textbook Author @ UCSD CSE

March 2022 - June 2022

Wrote chapters explaining Java basics, ArrayLists, LinkedLists, Time Complexity, Hashing, Trees, Stacks and Queues, and Sorting Algorithms for use in UCSD's CSE 12
Created 40+ interactive questions to quiz data structure knowledge
Designed 50+ diagrams depicting data structure characteristics
Collaborated with 5 other authors to edit and combine content and to create a published, open-access product

Professional Events Planner @ UCSD Data Science Student Society

August 2020 - June 2021

Assisted workshop logistics; faculty and industry outreach for instructors at 5 masterclasses.

Fundraising Chair, KADOFF Coordinator @ UCSD KASA

March 2022 - Present

Fundraising, Event Planning, and Performing outreach for a 500+ student organization.
Organized a dance team of 70+ freshmen; Mentored dancers with technique classes 12 hrs/wk.

SPIS Mentor & Social Activity Lead @ UCSD

August - September 2021

Taught 50+ incoming students algorithmic problem solving in Python, advised machine learning projects, hosted 1-on-1 lab hours, graded labs, and led panels.
Planned 30+ hours of social activities to foster bonds between faculty, mentors, and students.

Computers in Everyday Life Cluster Assistant @ UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering

May - August 2021

Taught labs and STEM activities for 20 high school students with Python for Image Manipulation and Game Design, MIT AppInventor, and Raspberry Pi.
Strengthened students' science communication with essay coaching and social events.

Get In Touch

Feel free to get in touch with me. I am always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or opportunities.